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Alright man, seanDEMOnium fuckin' rocks! You have the most unbelievable talent; I can't even describe it! I admire you for your writing ability and your total honesty. I get sick of reading the posts from people who don't like your "crude and immature" attitude. I say FUCK' EM! I've played seanDEMOnium for a lot of people here in Lincoln, Nebraska, and people LOVE it! We're anxious to hear the new one. Good luck, and keep up the good work!

Dear Nate:
Keep the faith, dude, and soon my ubiquitous detractors will be scorched crispy by the blinding light of my success. Fuck' em, indeed... hard and without lube. Nebraska sounds like a very cool place and, given the beef trade, it's probably not riddled with pussy vegetarians either. Strengthened by the support of you and other like-minded warriors for lyrical truth swaddled in power-pop harmonies, I shall continue my quest for pop stardom, stalwart and brave. Tally-ho, my midwestern friend!
Yours, Sean
Dear Sean:
I saw you were thanked in the latest Mono Puff album...very cool.
Love, a fan

Dear fan:
Very cool, indeed. I've been a fan of They Might Be Giants (John Linnel & John Flansburgh) and their various spin-off projects for years. Linnel was in a Brown University/ Providence band called The Mundanes when I matriculated. I used to play their single, "Funnier Than Love" on the jukebox at one of the campus pubs, dancing new wavedly all the while. One of my earliest party-going memories was seeing The Mundanes at Sigma Chi fraternity during my freshman year. The lead singer, Marsha, gave me a woody. My next encounter was on my now ex-wifeís and my first date: a multi-band bill at the Ritz in NYC, featuring TMBG and Fishbone. In 1994, my friend 'n' collaborator David Yazbek knew the two Johns and invited them to appear on the second Carmen Sandiego CD I co-produced. Their "Why Does The Sun Shine?" is featured on Carmen Sandiego - Out of This World. In 1997, I befriended Flansburgh at one of the Loser's Lounge tribute events, at which TMBG and Flansburgh's lovely wife Robin Goldwasser are regular perfomers. I hooked him up with Rockapella bassman Barry Carl, with whom he recorded a splendid Mono Puff track ("Night Security" on It's Fun To Steal)... thus the "thank you." For a 1997 Christmas show at the Bottom Line, I vocal-arranged Flansburgh's "Careless Santa," and the GrooveBarbers backed him up, a cappella. My Full Muscular Band then opened for Flansburgh's Mono Puff at NYCís Mercury Lounge. In 1999, I performed with the Loser's Lounge tribute to ABBA, opening for TMBG at The Bowery Ballroom. And the paths just keep on crossing...
Yours, Sean
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Last updated: January 12, 2000

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