Blind Dates - The Last Hurrah
Blind Dates -The Final Chapter
Blind Dates -- the final chapter: (l-r) Josh Deutsch, Lonnie Hillyer, John Watts, Sean, Tony James. I can explain this hair extravaganza, I swear! Remember what was hip in the mid-eighties: Duran Duran, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet and 'Til Tuesday, right? What's ironic is that my final Blind Dates coif -- a blond-highlighted skyscraper with a cascade of rubber-banded braids -- was my first Rockapella hairdo. John Watts was the third and last synth-wiz we temporarily inducted in an effort to fatten our funky pop pallette. Although this incarnation mustered a good NYC following and recorded some slick demos, we still couldn't get signed. I lost touch with John after the band dissolved. Songwriter Deutsch turned his attention to business school and is now a successful A&R man and producer with Elektra Records. Lonnie and Tony teamed up with Lenny Kravitz in a band called The Body, which became the short-lived Maggie's Dream (Capitol) after Kravitz went solo. Lonnie and Tony are both well-respected studio and touring musicians, and Tony has become a prolific singer/songwriter. I shifted focus to my "barbershop-pop vocal quartet," Rockapella, which, in a mere few months, earned more than Blind Dates had in its six-year career. (1987)
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