Rockapella Six: BestFest
Rockapella Six: BestFest
Rockapella Six: BestFest was released as a "greatest hits" album on Japan's For Life Records in 1995. A "hit" in Japan is a song that's been used in a commercial on Japanese TV, and Rockapella accumulated a lot of them. The album also featured two new songs, "Tornado Man," co-written by Sean and Scott Leonard, and "Always You."

Best Fest can only be purchased in retail stores in the Far East (particularly Japan). In the west, it can be purchased through a mail-order company such as Music Blvd., CDNow and Sound City 2000.

The SeanSongs on Best Fest are:
Come My Way lyrics
I Like You Very Much lyrics
Kingdom of Shy lyrics
My Home lyrics
Tornado Man lyrics
We Got A Happy Holiday lyrics
Last updated: January 5, 1999